Create a book for me

Bring your ideas to us. Provide us with the outlines and we will create a book for you. You can send dictation, audios/videos or just bullet points and we will turn it into a book for you.

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Publish my book

If you are writing your book or are about to finish your book, we will publish your book across 34 countries and in all the formats; paperback, Ebook and Audiobook.

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Design my book

Just convey your taste and we will design a premium book cover for you. We will also help you to add images to your book if your book needs that.

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About Outliers Publishing

Outliers Publishing started in March 2016 as a provider of high-quality publishing services to authors across the world. We decided not to limit our state of the art services to geographic boundaries. Outliers Publishing offers various publishing, book printing and distribution options to both authors and publishers from around the world. We are a technology start-up & one of the fastest growing book publishing companies in the world. We aim to make book publishing accessible to every author, aspiring or established, across the globe. Our prime motto is to provide a platform for authors to be able to focus on producing their books with premium content, and this is going to change the way people look at the world.

The three most important things that differentiate self-publishing from traditional publishing are one – the cost of publishing, two- marketing efforts after publishing and three – to grab the attention of a traditional publisher for them to agree to publish your book.

Outliers Publishing constantly strives to provide authors with the most up to date marketing strategies depending on the trend as well as the genre. Our efficient team of editors with their specialization across genres helps us stay on top of the game while publishing different genres at the same time. Dedicated genre specific editors and proofreaders ensure that your book has the best content to attract readers across the globe. Your book cover is your first chance to leave a mark on the reader’s minds. A well-designed cover ensures that your book has the reader’s attention. Our premium cover designs will do this for your book.

Outliers Publishing will help you publish your book across all platforms like Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords, Goodreads, Ingram, Bookadda and Flipkart

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